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We are committed to learning new and innovative ways to grow with you.

Our intelligent and adaptable teams are capable of providing you with custom solutions. We apply our decades of experience with creative thinking and the latest technologies to best serve you.

We invite you to explore our diverse service groups to understand further how we can meet and exceed your manufacturing goals.
With facilities in the United States and Mexico, Gonzalez is equipped with more than 300,000-square-feet of manufacturing space designed to create a solution for you.

Our Specialties

Material Handling Containers

We specialize in the design, prototype, and low volume build of specialized returnable material handling containers. Including sequence, in-process containers, and dolly carts. We provide the right solution to drive down costs and minimize overall logistics investment without sacrificing quality. We support OEM manufacturers and suppliers precisely with the services they need.

Our fabrication and precision machining capability support our varied client base building frames, bases, and components for jigs and fixtures utilized in the automotive and aerospace industries. Computer aided design systems selected to meet customer requirements provide seamless integration with our clients’ internal engineering activities. Our expert team works with each customer to understand their challenges and reach an efficient, reliable, and robust solution.

Gonzalez has been a leading full-service integrator of tooling and assembly systems. Over the decades, we have grown beyond our automotive roots to provide value and innovation to many other industries. Our knowledge of the industry and the resources required to satisfy these demanding requirements; aids us in attracting, assessing, placing and retaining top industry talent internally and for our customers.

Gonzalez offers on-demand, mobile measurement & laser scanning services. We provide our customers with a specifically tailored solution to meet their measuring needs. Utilizing our expansive array of the latest metrology and scanning technologies, we can measure, certify, study and reverse engineer the most complex and small components to layout and level entire manufacturing facilities.

Additive Manufacturing provides cost effective prototyping as well as manufacturing on demand for a wide range of applications and industries. Gonzalez has developed an array of services to support your specific needs. The true value of Additive Manufacturing is unlocked by design flexibility. Gonzalez has a multitude of modeling software, analysis, and CAD packages.